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Past E-Newsletter Issues

  • November/December 2017
    Bits and Pieces to Contemplate at Year's End -- Interesting articles by Dana Ullman (research) and Deborah Olenev (remedies), as well as links for homeopathic charities in Africa; Plus another excerpt from Dr. Richard Moskowitz's new book on vaccine injuries.

  • October 2017
    Homeopathy: Ever Controversial -- Recent happenings in the world of homeopathy and their controversial impact; Plus another excerpt from Dr. Richard Moskowitz's new book on vaccine injuries.

  • August/September 2017
    Proceed With Caution -- Do I self-treat my child? Do I veer away from classical homeopathy and give multiple remedies?; Just One Drop is here -- the best movie about homeopathy! See it now.; Plus another excerpt from Dr. Richard Moskowitz's book on vaccine injuries -- just released!

  • July 2017
    Face Your Feelings; Much illness derives from suppression of our emotions. The homeopathic principle shows us that facing our feelings can be the path to true healing; Plus another excerpt from Dr. Richard Moskowitz's upcoming book on vaccine injuries.

  • June 2017
    Some New Articles Relevant to the Legality of Homeopathic Practice and Remedies; Links to new content by Amy on YouTube and elsewhere; Plus another excerpt from Dr. Richard Moskowitz's upcoming book on vaccine injuries.

  • May 2017
    What Happens After the Dangers of Vaccines Are Acknowledged? Plus another excerpt from Dr. Richard Moskowitz's upcoming book on vaccine injuries.

  • April 2017
    Autism Awareness Continues to Grow, But Are We Willing to Do Anything About It? Plus another excerpt from Dr. Richard Moskowitz's upcoming book on vaccine injuries.

  • March 2017
    Can Homeopathy Be Harmful? -- An honest examination of this intriguing question. Plus another excerpt from Dr. Richard Moskowitz's upcoming book on vaccine injuries.

  • February 2017
    Lots of New Research to Report! -- Successes of homeopathy in treating endometriosis, MRSA, eczema, asthma, and even studies that show Arnica causes changes in genes involved in wound healing in a laboratory setting. Plus another excerpt from Dr. Richard Moskowitz's upcoming book on vaccine injuries.

  • January 2017
    It's 2017 -- Now Let's Get to Work! -- It's time to work for positive change in a positive way. Stand up for homeopathy! Plus an excerpt from Dr. Richard Moskowitz's upcoming book on vaccine injuries.

  • Note: There was no newsletter issued for November and December 2016.
  • September/October 2016
    Amazing and Mysterious Homeopathy -- A personal story from Amy that underscores the mysterious power of remedies to retrace ailments from the distant past and finally heal them at an energetic level; plus, a few homeopathy-related news items.

  • July/August 2016
    Chronic Anxiety, Antidepressants, Combination Remedies, Self Treatment, and More -- a post from the AskAmy blog that answers some often-asked questions; A Little Can Go A Long Way: How A Small Act of Reunion Can Break the Spell of Separation -- an article from the Active Consciousness newsletter that describes how adding a sharing-library box to a neighborhood can act as a small act of "disruption" and break the spell of separation in a neighborhood, fostering a greatr sense of community.

  • May/June 2016
    Homeopathy Continues Its March to Triumph! -- News from all over the world -- including India, Switzerland, and the USA -- that indicates homeopathy is alive and well and continuing to make inroads toward acceptance.

  • March/April 2016
    Can Awareness Trump Fear and Greed? Part 1: The Autism Epidemic -- This important article presents trends and projections in the growth of the autism epidemic, its possible causes, and a discussion of how slowly we are responding to it and why this is the case.

  • February 2016
    Homeopathy: The Medicine of Synchronicity? -- exploring the relationship between how homeopathy works and the phenomenon of synchronicity. Plus, a link to an audio interview of Amy on the same subject.

  • December/January 2016
    The Secret to Healing Lies Within You: Tune into your inner wisdom to find your path to healing; Feeling Tired and Fluish? Try Homeopathy

  • October/November 2015
    Homeopathy and Vaccines: Listen to a lecture by Amy Lansky about this important topic! Includes her description of her son Max's cure, and a discussion of homeopathy as a prophylactic against the childhood diseases as well as a cure for vaccine damage; Odds and Ends: Pointers to various interesting articles about the rate of autism, research about homeopathy for UTIs, and a skeptic who ended up debunking a study that claimed homeopathy was ineffective!

  • September 2015
    The Individuality of Disease and Cure: Homeopathy addresses the unique root of disease in each individual -- no matter what that disease happens to be. That root can be found through the unique symptoms that the patient manifests. Sometimes this root can be healed using conscious awareness. But if not, homeopathy can dive right in anyway. This article also includes ten possible remedy differentials for simple insomnia.

  • July/August 2015
    Amy's response to an "Ask Amy" question about autism treatment, including regression; Links to various articles and videos about homeopathy and synchronicity, the memory of water, causes of autism, homeopathic research, and more!

  • June 2015
    Preparing for Summer Fun -- Homeopathy for Kids and Adults -- tips on building a kit for summer camp or travel, plus some treatment guidance; Sign a petition to repeal indemnification of vaccine manufacturers for vaccine injuries!

  • May 2015
    On Mother's Day, A Message from Mother Earth: Don't Mess With Gaia! -- drawing a parallel between some of humanity's past mistakes: introduction of invasive non-native species, monoculture farming, GMOs, overuse of antibiotics, and now, overuse of vaccines; A note on the FDA hearings in April on homeopathic remedies.

  • April 2015
    April is Autism Awareness Month -- more stats and links on the autism epidemic; Support Just One Drop! -- movie about homeopathy is nearing completion and needs your support.

  • March 2015
    Impossible Cure the AUDIO BOOK is here!; Top 10 Tips for parents and patients: What I've learned after 12 years of providing advice.

  • February 2015
    Measles -- Some Facts: Separating fact from fiction in the ongoing measles vaccine debate.

  • January 2015
    Health Tips 2015 -- or, What I Learned in 2014: Juicing, connecting to your Basic Self, and more!; Coming soon -- Impossible Cure, the audiobook!

  • December 2014
    Homeopathy -- A World Treasure Hidden in Plain Sight: Appreciation for the wonders homeopathy does every day -- from successfully treating autistic children (a new study!), to helping AIDS victims in Africa and people still recovering from the earthquake in Haiti. Also, some new links to studies, information about structured water, and some interesting historical tidbits!

  • November 2014
    Introducing the Ask Amy Blog!;
    Homeopathy Is A Family Affair: Homeopathy often works best if the entire family is being treated, especially by the same homeopath.

  • October 2014
    Anxiety About Health: Your fear and anxiety about ebola or other potential illnesses might actually be your biggest health problem!

  • September 2014
    The Times They Are A'Changin: The world is changing and the old ways are failing -- the time is ripe for homeopathy! Homeopathy could be the answer to Ebola, the mystery respiratory ailment hitting schoolchildren in the USA, and lots more.

  • August 2014
    Some Cool Summer links -- stories of homeopathic healing, more on autism and vaccine awareness, and other articles and media about general health and well-being.

  • July 2014
    Was It the Remedy? -- Did homeopathy help or not?

  • June 2014
    Dealing With Allergies -- Homeopathy may be the answer for your spring and summer allergies; Active Consciousness named one of the Top 5 Books That Will Change How You Think!

  • May 2014
    Nosodes? CEASE? Isopathy? Sequential? What's It All About? -- Sorting out the confusion about the various ways in which remedies made from disease matter are used.

  • April 2014
    April is Autism Awareness Month: Let's Spread Awareness that Homeopathy Can Heal Autism! -- New statistics, causes, and proof of cures with homeopathy.

  • March 2014
    The Psychosoma -- Almost all disease resides both within the psyche and the body. Indeed, the original of many physical diseases is a disturbance within the psyche. As a result, the whole "psycho-soma" must be treated in order to truly heal.

  • February 2014
    New Research Continues to Prove the Power and Efficacy of Homeopathy.

  • January 2014
    Get the New Year Off to a Good Start With Some Homeopathic Inspirations! -- several cool videos and articles to check out.

  • December 2013
    Homeopathy -- A Treasure Hidden in Plain Sight; Excerpts from Amy's second book Active Consciousness; Deals on homeopathic products for the holidays.

  • November 2013
    Antibiotics -- Is There Another Way? -- homeopathy is better than prophylactic antibiotics for farm animals, and can treat deadly MRSA too; Holiday discount on both of Amy's books: Impossible Cure and Active Consciousness.

  • October 2013
    Am I On the Right Track? -- deciphering your progress with homeopathy; Vaccine Injury News; Autism News.

  • September 2013
    My Four Favorite Healing Techniques (Other Than Homeopathy) -- improve your health with these four important practices; Cool Homeopathic Things to Check Out (new book defending homeopathy from a scientific viewpoint; homeopathic creams).

  • July/August (Summer) 2013
    Amy presents "Resonance: The Secret Behind Homeopathy and Active Consciousness" on Homeopathy World Community Radio; Interesting links for summer reading -- on famous people who love homeopathy; vaccination; more scientific studies proving homeopathy works; and a tidbit from homeopathic history (homeopathic patients used to get cheaper life insurance premiums because they were healthier!)

  • June 2013
    Patients: Patience! -- the importance of patience during homeopathic treatment, especially of a chronic disease like autism. This article includes helpful tips for autism parents.; A kickstarter campaign for iPads for Autism.

  • May 2013
    Amy and Max featured on the cover of Organic Life Magazine; Amy speaks on homeopathy and autism in a benefit for the American Medical College of Homeopathy; Current health freedom efforts in the USA -- good news (Colorado is on it's way to becoming a health freedom state!) and bad news (efforts underway to remove access to remedies in California).

  • April 2013
    Homeopathy and cancer; Learn about homeopathy on Youtube.

  • March 2013
    Dealing with and understanding difficult remedy reactions; A new online interview with Amy! "What is homeopathy and does it really work"? -- on; A cat cure story.

  • February 2013
    A difficult flu season -- homeopathic tips for this year's flu; Autism in the news -- the vaccine court awards to two autism families.

  • January 2013
    One lesson of Newton, CT that few are talking about (the possible role of vaccination brain injury); Check it out! -- A talk given by Amy at IONS in November 2012, plus other sites that carry her articles.

  • December 2012
    The gift of homeopathy -- worthwhile homeopathic charitable projects to support this holiday season; Impossible Cure is a great holiday gift!

  • November 2012
    The dangers of GMO foods -- a likely cause of many of today's health problems; A vertigo epidemic?

  • October 2012
    Vaccines in the news and media; More possible causes of autism -- and a new Brazilian study about its successful treatment with homeopathy.

  • September 2012
    Homeopathy works by activating self-healing; Australia's Hopewood children -- health from good food and minimal medical intervention; Is the "gold standard" of allopathic medical studies real gold, or just fool's gold?; A fun patient story from the NCH newsletter about Coffea for insomnia.

  • August 2012
    How can homeopathy be placebo when it cures farm animals? A discussion of veterinary homeopathy with links and video clips; New offerings from the NCH -- Homeopathy in the News database online and an August 14 teleseminar on autism treatment.

  • July 2012
    The Queen uses remedies for her dogs; Three high-quality 2012 clinical studies on the success of homeopathy in treating eczema, allergies, and ear infections.

  • June 2012
    Frequently asked questions (FAQ); Take action! Petitions to sign that support the continued availability of homeopathic remedies.

  • May 2012
    Much to the dismay of the "skeptics," homeopathy is boosted in many countries around the world (includes a link to information about the landmark Swiss government report); Homeopathic creams.

  • April 2012
    Understanding remedy reactions in acute and chronic cases; Check out Amy's new blog (; World Homeopathy Awareness Week (April 10-16).

  • March 2012
    There's plenty of scientific evidence for homeopathy -- an overview of recent information; Joint national homeopathy conference in Washington, DC (April 2012).

  • February 2012
    Sorting out different approaches to homeopathy: the sensation method, CEASE therapy, sequential homeopathy; Upcoming talks, articles, and recent media appearances by Amy Lansky.

  • January 2012
    Lend your support to homeopathy when the "quackbusters" attack! Healthy tips for 2012.

  • December 2011
    Homeopathy is the true spiritual medicine; Links to recent articles by Amy that connect homeopathy to consciousness; Links to another autism testimonial and a homeopathic news feed.

  • November 2011
    Science continues to verify the power of homeopathy -- links to new studies; Buy Impossible Cure and Amy's new book Active Consciousness as holiday gifts!

  • October 2011
    Understanding Potency: A way of visualizing and understanding the difference in quality between the various different potencies; Corruption uncovered in the media pertaining to vaccines and autism; How to buy Amy's new book.

  • September 2011
    Announcement of Amy's new book, Active Consciousness: Awakening the Power Within; Interesting links: autism and vaccination, research, homeopathy around the world.

  • August 2011
    Autism, Vaccines, and Homeopathy; Tips and tidbits about potencies and dosing.

  • July 2011
    Announcement of Amy's new book, Active Consciousness: Awakening the Power Within (also see:; A story about dealing with severe traveller's diarrhea using homeopathy.

  • June 2011
    Amy's June 2011 webinar on homeopathy and autism; When to Repeat in Liquid Dosing; Interesting links -- Luc Montagnier research; homeopathy for radiation, AIDS, and vaccine damage.

  • May 2011
    Health Freedom movement -- the essentials everyone needs to know; The Rich and Royal use homeopathy; News from the National Center for Homeopathy.

  • April 2011
    Homeopathy in disaster situations -- Fukushima and radiation; Annual national homeopathy conference in DC, and World Homeopathy Awareness Week (April 10-16); Cool links: homeopathic treatment of fibromyalgia; A homeopathy "rap".

  • March 2011
    Impossible Cure eBooks and foreign language editions; Potency -- What does it mean? And why quackbuster "overdosing" of remedies are meaningless and ill-informed stunts.

  • February 2011
    Nobel Prize winner Montagnier moves his research on ultradilutions to Shanghai; Anti-homeopathy shenanigans arrive in the USA; Switzerland covers homeopathic treatment again.

  • January 2011
    National homeopathy conference in April; How to do water dosing; One Vision One Voice workshop in the UK -- coming up with a worldwide "brand" for homeopathy.

  • December 2010
    Nux Vomica (and Pulsatilla) for overeating and drinking during the holidays; Getting on the right e-Newsletter list; Links to some interesting homeopathic articles.

  • November 2010
    Dosing -- what potency? dry or in water?; Treating cows with homeopathy; Support an important movie about homeopathy.

  • October 2010
    Remedies for work or school anxiety; H.Pylori bacteria respond to homeopathy.

  • September 2010
    U.K. okays coverage of homeopathy; Nobel laureate confirms power of ultradilutions.

  • August 2010
    Homeopathic success in treating autism; Avoid remedy antidoting.

  • July 2010
    Online homeopathy videos; First-aid tips.

  • June 2010
    Insect bites; Update on homeopathy in the UK; Homeopathy fun facts.

  • May 2010
    Annual National Homeopathy Conference in D.C.; 20 remedies for the home.

  • April 2010
    Homeopathy film project; 10 reasons to use homeopathy; Fighting the quackbusters.

  • March 2010
    Homeopathic treatment of breast cancer; World Homeopathy Awareness Week; Arnica; Handy links.

  • February 2010
    Ignatia; Homeopaths Without Borders work in Haiti.

  • January 2010
    Treatment of epidemics; Flu remedies; A Nux Vomica flu story.